Over 20 years ago, our founder started the Company as a small distributor of medical devices in the growing market in Russian Federation. With all of its’ unique challenges and uncertainties this was not an easy task as the economy and culture of this country was in its developing phase post breakup of the Soviet Union.

Primary goal was to provide medical practitioners and hospital systems with quality and on-time supply of medical syringes and IV sets. After establishing itself as a reliable distributor and in order to provide better products and services to end-users, in 2005 a decision was made to initiate our own in-house manufacturing capabilities to satisfy growing demand in the market for high quality medical devices.

Innovative manufacturing resulted in creation of consistent production of highest quality products and delivery of superior customer service to our clients. Today, Premier-Med is a largest manufacturer of medical syringes and IV sets in Russian Federation with a stellar reputation for product quality, regulatory compliance, social responsibility and client support and service. Being one of the largest manufacturers in the world also allowed us to build long term relationships with other manufacturing partners from other countries and become their reliable distributor on the global stage. Our network of reliable contract manufacturers and suppliers allows us to offer our clients a wide range selection of in-demand medical devices and production capacities to fill orders of any volume with capability of consistent on-time global delivery.


Mission of Premier-Med LLC is to always provide medical practitioners and patient end-users with highest quality medical devices to facilitate delivery of best medical practices and care to improve patients’ experience and life.


Premier-Med is committed to providing highest quality products and services, as well as to build long term beneficial relationships with all of our end-users, partners, suppliers and associates. Quality to us means to be the best in every aspect of our business and processes; we achieve this by fostering a culture of professionalism, caring, teamwork, responsibility, innovation and open communication with all of our clients, customers and partners. Our manufacturing processes, product quality controls and management procedures comply with all international ISO and FDA GMP requirements and specifications.


Our production facilities and manufacturing practices are ISO and GMP certified and we continuously update and improve such to comply with strictest certification requirements and industry updates to guarantee consistent and highest quality of our medical devices.


Premier-Med works only with suppliers of raw materials and manufacturing equipment who have established and proven track record of compliance with all international environmental laws and standards. Site visits and detail-oriented analysis of this aspect of supply chain is an integral part of our business culture done to ensure long term sustainability and responsibility to the future of our planet. Our manufacturing practices always aim to utilize solutions that help to reduce global resource consumption and emissions to air, land and water.


Continuous training and education of our employees and management is an integral part of our success and company culture - we do this first and foremost to consistently guarantee production of the highest quality medical devices every shift and every day to be delivered to our end-users. Technical work shops, administrative and quality control classes, attendance of industry related compliance conferences and QS management courses allows us to constantly improve employee engagement, uniformity of work processes, productivity and performance, safety and other aspects of our business which all result in manufacturing of the best quality end products and allows us to realize our company mission and consumer satisfaction.


Today we operate 2 manufacturing facilities in Russian Federation and employ over 500 highly qualified and experienced employees. These facilities have capabilities to manufacture over 600 million single-use sterile syringes of various sizes, over 1 billion hypodermic needles and over 70 million intravascular infusion and blood collection sets annually.

Our exclusive contract manufacturing partners in China have additional capacities of 2 billion single-use sterile syringes of various sizes, over 3 billion hypodermic and safety needles and over 200 million intravascular infusion and blood collection sets annually. These capabilities make us one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of medical devices in the world and allow us to offer competitive and cost-effective solutions to our clients through economies of scale.

over 600
million single-use sterile syringes of various sizes
over 1
billion hypodermic needles
over 70
million intravascular infusion and blood collection sets